Klaas Bond

A spinal cord injury after a hernia surgery

“My name is Klaas Bond. Seven years ago I underwent surgery for a hernia on T9-10, at chest height. After a complication I got a spinal cord injury. This means that I am paralysed from the belly button down. What the impact is on your daily life is only known by fellow sufferers.

Slowly you get used to a new rhythm in your changed life. You get used to most things but pain, which most of the SCI patients still have to deal with, is something that you will never get used to.”

Movement by cycling with arms and legs

“In a leaflet that I received from a rehabilitation center, I read that the best way to deal with the pain is to stay busy. By staying busy I can move my thoughts and endure the pain. Unfortunately, you can’t stay busy all the time. During relaxing activities, like watching TV, you sometimes forget the pain but it is harder to ignore it.

About four years after the surgery, we read a newspaper article about the BerkelBike. We were immediately excited and got in touch with POM rehabilitation technique. The BerkelBike was delivered pretty quickly and on the same day I started to use it according to the schedule. Training gets harder gradually, which makes it very enjoyable and I haven’t experienced it as too heavy.”

Improving condition

“I cycle quite intensively in order to keep my body flexible. I cycle an hour 2 to 3 times a week on the BerkelBike. Every time I train I try to improve my previous time. I feel much fitter now and I certainly feel that it is good for both body and mind.

I use the BerkelBike only indoors because I can’t move the bike down and outside by myself. Although I go to work for years now on another connecting bike, I now arrive fit and vibrant, whereas previously I arrived at work sweaty after only three kilometers.”

Developing muscles

“Cycling on the BerkelBike makes my buttocks and thighs remain fairly well developed. Moreover, I realized that also my upper body is getting well trained. Old clothes don’t fit me anymore because of my more and more developing muscles.”

Always a challenge

“Altogether, I enjoy the bicycle a lot. It is always a challenge and afterwards I feel satisfied and I also lose the necessary calories. Therefore, I can recommend the BerkelBike wholeheartedly.

You will get a schedule set up by Rik Berkelmans himself and if you have questions about it you can always call him. This gives me a safe feeling. If you’re hesitating about buying the bike, I’m telling you “You should!”

Klaas Bond

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