Paul Boeren – The BerkelBike Pro with FES

Paul is an enthusiastic user of the BerkelBike. He owns a BerkelBike Pro FES with Docking Station Flow VR indoor trainer. The BerkelBike is equipped with electric stimulation (FES), so Paul can cycle despite his complete spinal cord injury. Paul talks about his experiences with this combination of a hand bike and a reclining bicycle in a phone interview.

First experience with the BerkelBike

The first test run on the BerkelBike was an incredible experience. It is a strange feeling when your legs become active again, when they start moving along. Now I have been training with the BerkelBike for a while, my legs have become suppler, and I feel fit. I enjoy riding my BerkelBike and it gets me excited.

The BerkelBike Experience

I cycle twice a week, in the morning. My wife helps me onto my bike before she goes to work. I watch the news while I am cycling. I cycle for about 45 minutes, after which I take a bath. I always cycle on the indoor trainer; I have got the software to go with it, though I haven’t installed it yet. I think cycling itself is much more important than those toys, but I am going to figure out how it all works.

It is a threshold to get started, but it is a great way to start a day. I am kind of a busy bee, but thanks to the cycling I am in better shape, and I can be an even busier bee. That is why I keep getting more and more enthusiastic about the cycling.

Paul Boeren

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