“The BerkelBike changed my life!”

Lisa Green had been an avid athlete for years, until she was diagnosed with MS in 1998. After that diagnosis, exercising and eventually also walking became very difficult.

How I learned about the BerkelBike

“Last year, a friend told me about the BerkelBike. I went to a local dealer to try the bicycle and see how well it suited my needs. The dealer invited me several times to do a test ride.”

My first experience with the BerkelBike

“Obviously I was overjoyed when I could move again, especially because I knew it was my own body causing the movement! Of course, my legs become tired after a few miles, but then my arms can take over. I can now cycle more than 20 miles through Colorado’s beautiful autumn landscape and enjoy every second of it- it was definitely the highlight of 2012.“

How the BerkelBike changed my life

Nowadays, Lisa is a proud owner of a BerkelBike Pro, which made it possible for her to enjoy cycling and nature as well.

“I really enjoy cycling with the BerkelBike! It has completely changed my life. I have never been able to “walk” my dog. I absolutely love it, and ride it as much as I possibly can!”

Lisa Green

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