Miek Des Bouvrie

Using the BerkelBike after an amputation

“My name is Miek Des Bouvrie. In June 2011, my right leg was amputated because of a complication after a knee replacement. Rehabilitation went well and after extensive exercising at Sint Maartenskliniek and another prosthesis, I can live my normal life again.”

My experiences so far with de BerkelBike

“I received my BerkelBike in March 2012. It is equipped with eight gears and an electric pedal assist, so I can cycle uphill. It’s great! I have already cycled more than 350 km on my bicycle.

I use it to go everywhere: to the gym, shopping, to girlfriends. I even take it with me on holidays. After disconnecting the different parts of the bicycle, the BerkelBike easily fits in the car. It gives me a sense of freedom and enables me to enjoy nature. Most importantly because of the BerkelBike I can stay active rather than sitting still on a mobility scooter all day.”

Miek des bouvrie

Miek Des Bouvrie

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