Anja Oonk

Amputation through a flesh-eating bacteria

“On the 20th of October 2012 my left leg was amputated due to a flesh-eating bacteria. After 6 weeks in the hospital of Radboud, I went to Sint Maarten’s rehabilitation centre.

During my time there I learned about the BerkelBike. After 6 months of training, I could already climb the hills of Nijmegen on the bicycle. Since 2013 I have my own BerkelBike Pro without support, so I can remain fit and train whenever I want.”

Cycling on the BerkelBike

“We started cycling the first day we received the BerkelBike. We cycled through the gorgeous Achterhoek for a few kilometers, but those kilometers quickly turned into many more. I wished to cycle 15 kilometers to visit Lindensemolen, a small hamlet.

Even before November came, I had achieved my goal and we immediately took out the camera to take a picture for proof. Because we cycle in all kinds of weather, my husband has customised the BerkelBike with fenders to ensure so my back stays clean from water and mud. We also added a small mirror to increase safety the safety aspect. I’ve already cycled a few thousand kilometers with my BerkelBike and I enjoy the freedom it provides every single day.”

Anja Oonk

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