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Our Klickfix Lamello bike basket is a handy companion for all your trips. You can easily access it while you’re on the bike, and you don’t have to stop to take a sip of water; you can just take something out of the basket or put something in, while you’re cycling.

Because the basket sits just behind the seat, it does not increase air resistance. Moreover, the low position allows you to carry a heavy load without any problems.

A basket allows you to easily and safely transport items. Everything can be carried easily. The basket is easy to remove and put back on the bike with one click.

Dimensions large variant:
– length: 39 cm
– width: 28 cm
– height: 28 cm

Maximum weight to carry: 7 KG

Dimensions small variant:
– length: 32 cm
– width: 22 cm
– height: 24 cm

Maximum carry weight: 7 KG

Backpack and luggage carrier:

Basil Discovery Single Pannier – Black – 9 Liter


Pletscher Orion – Luggage carrier

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