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Pedals and Leg Supports

  • The pedals can be adapted individually to each foot.
  • The leg supports can be adapted individually to each leg.
  • Suitable for legs with tendency to fall inward as well as outward
  • Suitable for people with no leg control


Different people with varying physical strength, coordination and the extent to which they can use their legs use our products. This is why we offer different types of EasyLegs and BerkelBike pedals and accessories. The accessories provide additional support and are tailored to the personal needs of the user.

The pedals are also available in a quick-release version. These pedals can be disconnected and fixed in a few seconds. This is useful if the user wants to render the bicycle as compact as possible for transportation or storage.

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Clipless pedals

If the user doesn’t need a lot of additional support, they can use clipless pedals such as those used by mountain bike riders. These pedals have a small cleat that fits in the recess of shoes. The benefit of such pedals is that they prevent the foot from slipping off the pedal and that they are very easy to engage and disengage. There are hundreds of different pedals and shoes that can be used in combination with our bicycles. You can find your personal favorite.

Pedal with toe clip and elastic band

This pedal provides a solution to slipping of the feet off standard pedals. The front of the pedal has the form of a shoe and fixates the front of the foot. There is also an elastic band to secure the heel and hold the whole foot in place.

Foot fixation trays

These trays are ideal when the user has little control over their feet. The heel is fixated in the case, and the foot cannot slip off the pedal because straps are holding it in place.

Adjustable Metal Pedal

This pedal is adjustable in its width. It can be individually fitted to the foot or footwear. A strap and customised fit will prevent the foot from slipping off the pedal.

Calf support

If the user has little or no control over their legs, the adjustable pedal can also be equipped with a calf support. The calf support has a strap that is fastened around the calf. It can be installed on the inside or outside of the pedal, depending on whether the legs tend to lean to one side.