Tsvetomir Yordanova

Tsvetomir Yordanova and his BerkelBike

This message has been written by Tsvetomir’s mother Daniela Yordanova.

“Thank you for your time and effort. Thank you for your incredible professionalism and for being able to understand the needs of my son that lead to this amazing bike!”

Tsvetomir Yordanova

‘It is unique!’

“Once my son Tsvetomir received his berkelbike, which he purchased by benefactors from “Chaos Group” company, he was eager to get to cycling. He did not say anything else than UNIQUE! The whole family is happy and satisfied with the choice he made. BerkelBike is the best!”

The company “Chaos Group” has send us this message:

“It is impossible to describe how excited and happy the boy is and so are we. We are blessed that we are able make a child’s dream come true! And thank you, because you are also part of that miracle.”

Tsvetomir Yordanova

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