Adjusting the rear axle

You can distribute your weight differently and adjust the seat position thanks to the reversible rear axle. This takes you just a few minutes and is extremely important to achieve the best performance and to reach your goals.

The default position ensures that the user is at a comfortable height for you to talk easily with others and have a better overview of traffic. The low position places the user closer to the ground for added stability. This allows you to ride your bike with less resistance and thus achieve higher speeds.

The most comfortable biking experience!

One of the biggest challenges that has kept us busy for many years during the development of the BerkelBike was to make the bike as comfortable as possible.

With our current model we are able to offer the most versatile bicycle comfort. The specially designed stretch seat, the Schwalbe Big Apple tires and the adjustable rear axle allow users to ride their bikes with comfort.

Comfort on the BerkelBike

The BerkelBike Pro has a stretch seat area made of a special fabric that is stretchable in four directions (instead of two like most fabrics). The body is always perfectly supported in every position.

In addition, all the BerkelBike wheels are equipped with Schwalbe Big Apple tires. These tires provide extra comfort by absorbing shocks and are fitted with a special kevlar layer, which reduces the risk of a flat tire.

A wonderful pillow for the seating area

For some restrictions, being seated for long periods of time may cause complications. Especially for these people we have an optional pillow for the seating area available in our accessories range.

This pillow is made of memory foam to ensure the most comfortable bike ride, even on a bumpy road.

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