Maintaining health and fitness

Exercising the body has many advantages for overall health.

Research has shown that using all limbs through cardio exercises improves the condition in an effective way. Heart rate can increase 30 percent compared to normal cardio exercises. This is a big difference in the context of fitness training, weight loss and keeping up fitness in the long term. If the condition improves, the immune system will become stronger. This causes the body to become more resistant to viruses and diseases.

The prevention of complications

In addition, there is a reduced risk of cardiovascular disease. This is especially important for people who are limited by restricted daily movement.

Training of the muscles can prevent complications. The BerkelBike offers the possibility to train your entire body, even if you are very limited, thanks to the FES system. Thanks to the BerkelBike with FES, you can train more than just the upper muscles of your body – you can get your entire body in shape.

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