Cycling with support

Not everyone can just sit on a tricycle and start cycling. Therefore, we developed the Functional Electric Stimulation (FES) system and the Electric Pedaling Support.
FES was developed specifically for people who have suffered a transverse lesion or live with other constraints which make the legs unusable. This system does the work of the brain by contracting the muscles and thus enable movement.

Electric Pedaling Support is an electric motor that assists you when your legs get tired or gives you an extra push when cycling uphill.

Cycling with your legs

Using your legs, even if you have a serious constraint, is extremely important. With the BerkelBike Pro or EasyLegs Pro, almost everyone can cycle. The BerkelBike and the EasyLegs Pro have several additional options to help you while cycling. These are some of the lightest tricycles on the market, which means less leg power is needed to get it moving. In addition, they can be equipped with the FES system or the Electric Pedaling Support.

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