Richard Wilson

Richard Wilson – Spinal Cord Injury

Richard lives nearby Milton Keynes in the UK. After an accident he got a complete spinal cord injury at C5/C6. He uses his bike inside and outside. When the weather is bad he cycles indoors. He often cycles the same route in order to keep track of his progress. He noticed a strong growth in his shape and speed since he started training.

How Richard uses his BerkelBike

Richard uses a BerkelBike Connect and thus connects his wheelchair to the BerkelBike. The Docking Station VR allows Richard to cycle his favorite track, even if the weather isn’t on his side. That way he can track his progress, even if it’s off season.

Whether he uses the cycle in- or outdoors, he always uses FES. It allows him to cycle with both arms and legs, or even just legs, thanks to the incredible progress he has made. In the summer, he likes to cycle daily through a nature rich environment, filled with trees, long green fields and hills. The BerkelBike Connect has allowed him to build a lot of muscle in his legs.

Richard Wilson

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