Monique van Gemerden

Cycling with a flaccid paralysis

After the BerkelBike Pro got delivered, I really began to realize what an amazing bicycle it is. To start, a incredibly fast service and what’s even more important is the functional possibilities of the bicycle.

I have cauda equina syndrome, which results in very little sensation in my legs. I’ve found to be sitting extremely steady on the BerkelBike while given good back support. I really appreciate the arm propelling possibilities, if my legs are too tired to get up another hill my arms can give me that little extra so I can still make it.

I prefer to allow my legs to move along, this way I keep my legs in shape. I don’t want a propelling assist just yet, I want to keep cycling independently as long as possible. Although it’s nice to have the option available. I can definitely recommend the BerkelBike.

Monique’s favorite BerkelBike moment

My favorite BerkelBike moment wasn’t too long ago when we cycled through the centre of Rotterdam. It’s soothing not having to be afraid to get off. Due to my Cauda equina syndrome (CES) I have limited feeling in my legs, which causes me to lose balance rather quickly.

Everything I can get from it, I am getting. What makes it even better is the ability to also use my arms. I had to get used to it at first, as getting used to the bike is needed. The first time we quit after 3 kilometers, and it turned out to have a factory defect.

A ride as long as the marathon

The time after that, the gears weren’t working the way they were supposed to. At that point, I didn’t have a great feeling about the BerkelBike, but when I called, I got great help and now the bike works perfectly!

My longest ride was 42 kilometers, more than 26 miles, all the way from Hoek van Holland to Scheveningen. I hope BerkelBike continues to exist for a long time and keeps developing, just so I can have fun cycling!”

“I was so happy with my BerkelBike. I only had to give it back to the Wmo. My husband and I were moving to another city. I have to apply it again. ” Monique is moved in the meantime and is cycling again on her brand new BerkelBike.

Monique van Gemerden

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