Maaike van de Berg

Maaike van de Berg – Spinal cord injury

Maaike is a user of the BerkelBike with a complete spinal cord injury. She cycles outside, as well as on her hometrainer. In her spare time, she writes on her blog. On this blog, she also wrote two stories about the BerkelBike. Here below you can read a summary.

How I learned about the BerkelBike

If you do nothing with your legs for a while, they will automatically be transformed into matchsticks. So yesterday I was at the St. Maartenskliniek (rehabilitation center) in Nijmegen to get an explanation about a bike (the BerkelBike).

My BerkelBike Experience

This bike has three wheels, and looks like a recumbent bike. And even though my legs ignore every sign I give them, I will soon cycle with my legs. How I’m going to do that? With electronic impulses!

I have chosen this bike because I want to keep my leg muscles fit. It also has other benefits, namely improved circulation, reduced risk of decubitus, less spasms, and a lower risk of cardiovascular disease.

I received the BerkelBike, which I have previously written about. It all works perfectly, but it is a tiring activity and then I’m not talking about the cycling itself, but about the preparations you need to do before you can ride. Anyway, it’s a beautiful invention and a special experience to do something with my legs after such a long time.

Flow VR makes cycling even better

The BerkelBike can come with a computer program. This makes the cycling more fun. For example, you can cycle the Tour of Flanders and the Amstel Gold Race, but I still need to practice for that.

Outdoor cycling is also possible, but cycling alone is not that nice, so if someone wants to go for a ride, let me now!

Maaike van de Berg

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