Jan Janson – Quadriplegic

Jan Janson from Noordwijkerhout has a high spinal cord injury (quadriplegic). Therefore he has to use an electric wheel chair. At home, he has a BerkelBike Home FES. It is attached to an aluminum plate with adjusted dimensions, so it fits better in his room.

He is cycling here without Functional Electrical Stimulation (FES). His hands are secured in quad grips, and the failure of the triceps is compensated by an extra shoulder movement.

How the BerkelBike is making Jan’s life better

Since his purchase in 2005, Jan has had enormous amounts of time with the BerkelBike. One could say the BerkelBike has outgrown him as additional health issues came over time. He originally bought a BerkelBike Home with FES, but after 10 years and numerous changes in his lifestyle he has, as of the start of 2015, changed to the EasyLegs with an electric pedal assist.

Jan Janson is the perfect example of how versatile the BerkelBike products are. Even after numerous changes in his body activity, he is still able to keep in shape and train his body.

Jan Janson

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