Luke Sinnott

Captain Luke Sinnott climbs a flagpole with a double amputation

It was impressive footage of the Paralympic Games in London: A BerkelBike user from Great-Britain played a role during the closing ceremony.

Captain Luke Sinnott demonstrated his exceptional endurance, power, and courage, by climbing the flagpole in order to hang the British flag.

The tragedy of war

Doing so, the 33-year-old veteran embodied the strength and qualities of thousands of paralympic athletes. Two years ago, he served as captain for the bomb squad in Helmand, Afghanistan.

During a mission, he ran into a roadside bomb and lost his two legs. “It felt like life was drained out of me,” he told. “I thought about home and didn’t want to die this way.” A fellow soldier managed to apply a tourniquet. Nevertheless, he lost both his legs.

Future is looking bright!

He is now a member of the British Paralympic Sailing Squad and hopes to attend at the 2016 Paralympic Games in Rio. During the climbing of the flagpole, he wore short prostheses without a knee joint.

He can easily ride on the BerkelBike with his walking prostheses. Luke came in contact with BerkelBike at a trade fair. He was one of the first BerkelBikers with an aluminum frame in England. Years later, he is still very enthusiastic with this solution for his mobility issue.

Luke Sinnott

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