Physical effects after electrical stimulation

Training with functional electrical stimulation has many positive effects on the body’s condition. Muscles are reactivated, blood circulation will improve and metabolism will increase. Also, body temperature, especially in the legs, will improve.

Improved circulation

Thanks to better blood circulation, skin quality, too, will improve. With injuries to the spinal cord, it can be difficult to train the legs, as a result, many people lose most of their muscle tissue which can cause decubitus. Fortunately, this can be prevented with FES or RISE, by training the muscles and reinforcing the backside.

Less problems with spasms

By improving your fitness, your immune system will become stronger, so your body can better resist the assault of viruses and other pathogens. In addition, there is also a reduced risk of cardiovascular disease, whereas a person with reduced mobility is at greater risk. Additionally, users report that they suffer less from muscle spasms due to their training with FES.

The prevention of complications

Regular training can prevent serious complications. BerkelBike helps you train your entire body, even if you live with severe constraints, all thanks to the FES or RISE systems. Now you have the opportunity to train more than just your upper body – you are able to get your whole body back in shape!

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