Use electrical stimulation in multiple ways. Base it on what exactly you want to achieve. There are two different training methods for the FES system:

Electro-stimulation – Fixed

The BerkelBike invites users to combine FES with the bicycle to achieve maximum results. In addition, it is also possible to use FES as a standalone system. This FES system has been developed to provide small electrical impulses to stimulate (and train) muscles. You can use this technique if you want to cycle with a BerkelBike or EasyLegs product, but you can also stimulate muscles while lying in bed. The BerkelBike is often used to train abdominal and back muscles.

Electro-stimulation – Moving

The best results are obtained if you combine the FES system with a BerkelBike. This way you can train the whole body. Combining the system with an EasyLegs will only train your legs. Combining FES with a bike will bring you the best physical and mental benefits, while at the same time being mobile and transporting yourself. The FES system makes it possible to go outside and make use of electronic stimulation in the open air.